HIPAA Compliant Email

Send protected ePHI SECURELY by email

Use the MailHippo secure email platform to send sensitive health records via encrypted email, 100% HIPPA compliant. Note that the acronym for HIPAA actually has one “P” followed by “AA,” as it stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. But it’s ok, many people use HIPPA and HIPAA interchangeably.

Bottom line, you are looking for a secure way to transmit health records that is easy and HIPAA compliant. MailHippo is the right tool for you!

MailHippo Benefits:

Additional Features

There are some other distinctive features included with the MailHippo platform not illustrated above: 

Auto type-ahead address book 
As you type, emails that have been used in the past will auto-populate in the TO, CC, and BCC fields. This provides quick access to frequently-used emails without having to retype the entire email address over again.

Message preview  
Once a recipient authenticates with the MailHippo platform, the body of subsequent email messages will display automatically in their email client while they remain authenticated. This feature comes in handy when you frequently send emails to a given recipient.

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