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MailHippo® is the easiest way to securely send and receive sensitive information and attachments by email. All 100% HIPAA Compliant.

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MailHippo® works with your current email address, and with any email provider.

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Get a unique link that empowers you to receive totally-secure emails from anyone.


256-bit AES encryption means your sensitive emails and attachments are always secure, both in transit and at rest.

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MailHippo® looks and works great on any smartphone or tablet.


HIPAA Business Associate Agreement provided to Covered Entities during sign up.

Looking for HIPAA compliant email with encryption? Here it is: MailHippo is THE answer to questions like “How do I make my email secure?” and “Where can I find affordable email encryption?” MailHippo is the best solution because it’s 100% secure AND easy to use. (And inexpensive too!)

How do we keep your ePHI and other sensitive data safe, at such a low cost? Providing secure email and HIPAA compliant forms is all we do. Explore our site and learn how to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant emails today, with MailHippo.

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* Outlook Button supported on Windows Desktop Outlook versions 2016, 2019, 2022.  Microsoft Windows® and Outlook® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Frequently asked questions

NO, regular email alone is not secure enough to satisfy HIPAA requirements. The content of a typical internet email message can reside on more than two unsecured servers during its journey from sender to recipient.

The MailHippo platform secures the email by extracting and encrypting the message contents before the email is ever sent.

Learn more about MailHippo’s security here.

HIPAA mandates that ePHI (electronic protected health information) must be safeguarded in several ways to ensure the integrity, security and confidentiality of patient health records.

MailHippo uses the latest in 256 Bit AES encryption technology, as well as other safeguards, to ensure that the HIPAA mandate is satisfied.

Learn more about MailHippo and HIPAA compliance here.

The MailHippo secure email messaging platform adds a powerful, additional security layer on top of your existing email address.

Simply log into the MailHippo.com website using your email and password. Then compose an email with or without attachments and click send. That’s it!

Your recipient will receive an email notification from you that a secure message is waiting for them to view.

They click the link in the notification, log into the MailHippo website and view the secure message.

Click here to see more details on how the MailHippo platform works.

MailHippo makes receiving secure emails easy.  Simply provide others with your SendSafe address URL which looks like: https://sendsafe.to/youremailaddress.  Senders place this link into their web browser or simply click on it and are taken to your secure SendSafe page.  From this page they can compose a message along with attachments and send the message, HIPAA compliant, directly to your MailHippo inbox.  You are then notified by email that a secure message is waiting in your MailHippo account.  You can learn more about MailHippo’s proprietary SendSafe address here. 

SendSafe® is MailHippo’s proprietary feature that empowers you to receive encrypted emails from anyone, even if they don’t subscribe to MailHippo.

Click here to learn more about a SendSafe® address.

Yes you can!  With  FormHippo® you can securely send interactive PDF forms with e-Signature to anyone.  Click here to learn more.

No, out of the box Gmail is not HIPAA compliant.  By default, they don’t provide you with a Business Associate Agreement.  However, you can get a BAA from Google when setting up the administrator account on your company’s G suite profile.  Further, Gmail does encrypt the message body and attachments.  Encryption is a necessity for sending HIPAA compliant email.  You will need a 3rd party add-on to encrypt your messages with Gmail.  TotalHIPAA has a complete article on Gmail and HIPAA compliance you can find here.

Rather than going through all this to try and make your Gmail HIPAA compliant, you can simply sign up for a MailHippo account.  MailHippo works great with Gmail and any other email provider.  Click here to see how MailHippo works.

Yes, absolutely.  MailHippo works with your existing email address allowing you to send and receive HIPAA compliant email message.  There is no need to create a new email or make any changes to your existing email settings to use MailHippo.  Simply sign up for MailHippo and start sending!

Yes, MailHippo Pro subscribers are provided with a MailHippo Outlook button.  This Microsoft Office add in installs a button at the top of your Outlook ribbon bar.  Simply click the button to open a secure MailHippo new message window.  Click HERE to learn more about the MailHippo Outlook button.

Yes, with our FormHippo plans you get HIPAA compliant email and online forms.  Click here to learn more about FormHippo.

You could be sending HIPAA-compliant emails in less than a minute.

Simply click the Get Started button to sign up for a no-obligation subscription.

If your not sure, take it for a test drive.  Take advantage of our FREE 30 day trial.


Our clients say:

My clients love MailHippo. They say it's much easier to get their EOB's and patient files than by fax.
Brandy H.
I love the service that you provide -- it is so much easier than the last secure email system that I used!
I have patients who are seniors or have disabilities. They have difficulty or get confused with complex security checks to access HIPAA compliant email. Asking them to go through several steps to read their email message is a barrier for them. MailHippo is simple to use and pricing is great. I've recommended MailHippo to my colleagues already.
I've tried to use some other products in the past but they required too much work to set up. With MailHippo, I was up and running in less than a few minutes, and able to keep my email address.
Dr. David B.
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
It’s so much easier than setting up my Microsoft Office Outlook for encryption and then having to worry if my clients can actually open and read the messages and attachments.
Jack M.
I often need to send large files securely via email with my Telehealth practice. MailHippo is the perfect tool for this.
Dr. Hailey R.

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