How does MailHippo work on my phone? Is it an app?

The MailHippo platform is not an app. Better, it’s a fully-reactive web application designed to operate on mobile devices. So there’s no need to download and install an app on your smartphone.

Simply fire up Safari or Chrome and type in the MailHippo URL (


Easily login from your mobile device. Forget your password? No problem. Answer your security questions to receive a new one.


Quickly scroll through your sent and received secure messages. The eyeball icon provides a read status for the message.

View Message

Read secure messages on the MailHippo mobile platform with your phone. Click on the paperclip icon to open message attachments.

Compose a Message

Create the body of your message. Attachments work too. Simply click the Attach button while composing an email and access photos or files on your mobile device.

Try it for yourself, for FREE! You’ll find it’s fast, easy & secure. We encourage you to take advantage of our Free 30 Day Trial where you can use MailHippo at no charge, with no obligation.

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