SendSafe Address by MailHippo | Securely receive HIPAA compliant emails from anyone

SendSafe® is MailHippo's proprietary feature that empowers you to receive encrypted emails from anyone, even if they don't subscribe to MailHippo.

Your SendSafe Address is a personalized web link that you can send to anyone. With this link they can initiate and send a secure encrypted email message directly to you. The SendSafe web link, also called a URL, looks like this:

When your associate clicks on your SendSafe Address, they are taken to a special page on the MailHippo platform that is unique to you. From this page they can compose the body of the message and attach any files. Then they simply click Send and the message goes directly to your secure inbox on the MailHippo platform.

Many MailHippo subscribers post this link on their websites where their clients can easily find it and click on it. The link might say Click HERE to send us a secure encrypted message, for example. Subscribers also place the SendSafe Address in their non-secure email footers.

A SendSafe Address is a powerful yet simple tool as there are no message encryption steps necessary, no email client add-ons, encryption keys, etc., to complicate or slow down the process. They simply click your SendSafe URL and start composing!

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