What makes MailHippo so EASY? How does it work?

Sending secure email doesn't have to be complicated.

When we created MailHippo, our goal was to remove the complexities associated with sending secure encrypted messages. With that in mind, we designed the platform to simplify the process of both sending and receiving emails with encryption. Here’s how it works:



Sender logs into the MailHippo web portal from a computer or smartphone.


Create a Message

Sender clicks on the New Message button within the MailHippo portal.


Compose and Send

Sender keys in the recipient's email address and email subject. Select any attachments by clicking the Attach button. Type email body. Click the Send button.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can send fully-encrypted, HIPAA-compliant emails in 3 easy steps. All from either your workstation or smartphone.

Sending looked pretty easy. What about for the recipient? Here’s how that works:


Login to Portal

The recipient clicks on the body of the secure message. The MailHippo portal opens in the recipient’s browser.


View Secure Message

Once the recipient logs into the portal, the secure message is displayed. A recipient has the option to reply, securely, back to the sender.

Now it’s easier than ever to receive fully-encrypted emails! And just like sending, you can do it all from you workstation or smartphone. So simple!

We hope this example helps illuminate how the MailHippo secure email platform operates, along with its ease of use. Click Here to try it FREE!

Additional Features

There are some other distinctive features included with the MailHippo platform not illustrated above: 

Auto type-ahead address book 
As you type, emails that have been used in the past will auto-populate in the TO, CC, and BCC fields. This provides quick access to frequently used emails without having to retype the entire email address over again.

Message preview  
Once a recipient authenticates with the MailHippo platform, the body of subsequent email messages will display automatically in their email client while they remain authenticated. This feature comes in handy when you frequently send emails to a given recipient.

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