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MailHippo was conceived by software engineer Chris Almond and his team of talented engineers and savvy Healthcare IT professionals, who had previously developed one of the leading cloud-based therapy practice management EMRs available on the market today. With decades of Healthcare Information Technology experience, this team spent years developing, testing and perfecting MailHippo.

The journey began in 2015. After extensive research and feedback from the Healthcare provider community, we saw the need for a SECURE and EASY means to transmit sensitive healthcare information. There were other solutions out there, but they were either “clunky,” requiring many steps to encrypt and decrypt messages, or complex, requiring lengthy setup processes and technical staff to implement.

Hence, the MailHippo team set forth to design and build a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging platform that was both highly secure and easy to use and implement. The team spent the next few years designing and innovating. On one occasion, the design team submitted a patent for one of the incredibly innovative features contained in the MailHippo platform.

After four years in the making, MailHippo was launched in 2019.  We are honored to service the healthcare provider community with the MailHippo HIPAA-compliant email secure messaging platform. 

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