SignSafe™ Form Filler by MailHippo | Securely Send Fillable PDF Forms with e-Signature

Sending Fillable PDF Forms with MailHippo – Encrypted and HIPAA compliant

Free yourself, your business and your patients from the tedious practice of printing, filling and scanning critical business and medical forms. With MailHippo’s SignSafe Form Filler, you can make this entire process easy, secure and electronic. Here’s how it works:

Log in to your MailHippo account and click the PDF Form button.

Upload PDF Form
Uploading a PDF form to the MailHippo platform

Click the Upload PDF Form button and select your interactive PDF form from your computer’s drive.

The PDF document is uploaded and displayed in the PDF viewer just below the new message fields.

Screen: Sending a PDF Form
Sending a PDF Form with e-signature via the MailHippo platform

Key in the recipient email address, subject and body text to complete the message.  

You may request that the recipient sign the form by checking the Require Signature check box.  

Then click the Send button.

That’s it! It’s really that easy to securely send anyone a fillable PDF form.

Now let’s look at the recipient side of things.

Receiving, Filling and Signing Interactive PDF Forms with SignSafe™ from MailHippo.

Many platforms available online make the process of filling and signing forms tedious. Not MailHippo.  Our team of engineers have designed an intuitive streamlined process that will delight your patients, clients and customers.

Here’s a look at the process:

Recipients are notified via email that a secure message is waiting.

Notification message
A recipient’s email notification that a PDF form is waiting.

The recipient clicks the link in the notification message and logs in to the secure MailHippo platform using their temporary password sent in a subsequent email.  

Upon successful login they are presented with the interactive PDF form and a message if present.

Fillable PDF form
Recipient’s view of a fillable PDF form and message.

The recipient clicks the Continue button and then commences filling out the PDF form fields. Once the form is filled out, they simply click the Save & Send button to send the form back to the sender. 

Apply and electronic signature to the PDF form.

If a signature was requested, the recipient will be prompted to sign the form.

To sign, the recipient types their name and then draws their signature with the mouse and places their signature image on the page with a mouse click. 

Click the Save & Send button to send the completed signed form back to the originator.

That’s all the steps necessary for the recipient. It’s simple: log in, fill out, sign and send.

Receiving and Downloading the Completed Form

As the sender, you are notified by email when the SignSafe™ PDF form has been completed and is waiting to be viewed and downloaded from the MailHippo platform.  

The sender can download the PDF form by clicking on the attachment link in the notification email and providing their login credentials to the MailHippo platform.

Completed and signed PDF form
View of completed and signed PDF form showing the certificate-based digital signature.

That’s it.  Sending and receiving Interactive PDF forms couldn’t be easier, thanks to the SignSafe Form Filler from MailHippo.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send any PDF file via MailHippo and your recipient can sign & return it.  However, only interactive PDF files with fillable forms can be filled out online by the recipient.

There are many PDF editing tools available such as Adobe Acrobat DC, Nuance Power PDF, etc.  However, if you want something free and quick we recommend using .  With this free online tool simply upload your PDF to their online editor, add your form fields to your PDF, then download your new fillable PDF form back to your computer.

You could be sending HIPAA-compliant fillable PDF forms in less than a minute.

Simply click the Get Started button to sign up for a no-obligation subscription.

If your not sure, take it for a test drive.  Take advantage of our FREE 30 day trial.


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